Saturday, September 21, 2013

World's Most Expensive Computer Mouse

The computer mouse is one of the most identifiable computer components for both PC and Mac. It is a pointing device that functions by detecting and a 2D motion relative with the supporting device. The first pointing device can be traced to Xerox Alto. Microsoft and Apple both introduced this pointing device or mouse in the early 1980s. After the initial creation of the mouse, this product has undergone a sea of developments as well as changes.
Jewellers have taken the ordinary mouse and have created unique designs, using materials such as real gold and diamonds. The reason for this is to give the wealthy the ability to dress up their computers and make them as fashionable as possible. Here is a look at the most expensive computer mouse in the world.

The Gold Bullion Wireless Mouse :- 36,835 USD
The name suggests that the mouse looks more like a gold bullion or a gold brick. It is the costliest mouse in the world and priced at 36,835 USD. The mouse has both right and left buttons as well as a scroll wheel. It is compatible with both PC and Mac also.
World's Most Expensive Computer Mouse
World's Most Expensive Computer Mouse

Most Expensive Robbery in the World

Central Bank of Iraq (March 18, 2003 - Baghdad, Iraq 1 billion dollars !)
Most Expensive Robbery till now: Central Bank of Iraq(Over $1 Billion)
Most Expensive Robbery till now: Central Bank of Iraq(Over $1 Billion)
Over one billion dollars was stolen from the Central Bank of Iraq on March 18th, 2003. Was this robbery a result of careful planning? Or was it a result of brute force? Saddam Hussein treated Iraq as his own personal kingdom, so it’s no surprise that he would feel that the Central Bank of Iraq was his personal bank account.It was actually quite simple: Saddam Hussein sent his son named Qusay to make a withdrawal from the bank on behalf of a handwritten note before coalition forces began bombing Iraq. His son sat there as boxes filled with one hundred dollar bills were given to him. The entire operation took about five-hours. However, it didn't get him very far as he was later killed by US troops. Approximately $650 million was later found by US troops hidden in the walls of one of his palace’s, though the remaining $350 million has never been recovered and is considered lost.

Friday, September 20, 2013

World's Most Expensive TV

Have you ever wondered what the world’s most expensive TV was? Ok, so we go ahead and do the internet search and find Mr. Hughes’ 55 inch diamond encrusted Supreme Rose Edition Prestige HD, encased in 28 kilograms of 18 carat gold with the glowing price tag of $2,260,000… Ridiculous? Not even close. I’d personally prefer to call it “ingenious” and as long as the clients that are willing to fork out the money for some extreme bling are around, then why not? However, my question was if you've ever wondered about the world’s most expensive TV, not the world’s biggest hunk of gold with a screen in it.
The magic is called BeoVision 4-103; it was designed by David Lewis and manufactured in Denmark by the oldest and most luxurious audio-video company in the world: Bang & Olufsen. When you are looking for extreme TVs, this is the one where your search should stop, because not only is it the largest fully functional TV your money can buy, but the technology that is built inside of it – even though the design is a few years old – still outperforms anything that’s out on the market right now.
Most Expensive TV in the World
World's Most Expensive TV

Quick background on the technology: The BeoVision 4-103 is a 103 inch (diagonal screen size) full HD, 3D plasma TV. It features a built-in Home Theatre Processing Unit (BeoSystem 3) that will allow the owner to connect external B&O speakers to the TV in different configurations, to create a surround theatre system that is compatible with all existing surround encodings. It has a calibration camera built in to recalibrate the screen to factory settings after every 100 hours of use. This feature is to compensate for the plasma technology’s biggest nemesis, the shifting and diminishing of colors over time. The screen itself is mounted onto a motorized floor stand that can be moved around and tilted with the high frequency IR universal remote. It can be programmed to a number of preset positions, and it raises and lowers the TV when turning it on and off. The Peripheral Unit Control lets you connect multiple components (HD set-top box, Blu Ray player, etc.) to the TV without these components having to be “visible” for the remote, in other words; you can hide all the clutter and look at only what you are supposed to look at.
Before Bang & Olufsen even lets you buy one of these TV’s, they have to visit your home with a specialized team, to make sure not only that your floors are strong enough to hold the 1500 pound setup, but to see if it can even be brought inside. Now once it is inside, the theatre business will lose yet another client, because this true marvel of luxury engineering will keep you and your family watching movies for a very long time in the comfort of your own home. Oh yes, and what was that price tag again? You can own the Bang & Olufsen BeoVision 4-103 for a mere 145,000 Dollars, making it the most expensive TV in the world, in the category of TVs where you watch the screen, and not the bling around it.

Most Expensive Book in the World

The Codex Leicester, Leonardo da Vinci — $30.8 million
Most Expensive Books in the World: The Codex Leicester of Leonardo da Vinci:$30.8 million
Most Expensive Books in the World: The Codex Leicester of Leonardo da Vinci:$30.8 million
Da Vinci wasn't only an artist, but also a scientist.The Codex Leicester is one of the most famous scientific journals of da Vinci which consists of 72 pages of handwritten muses and theories that is in relation to everything ranging from water movement to fossils and moon glow. This manuscript is the closest notebook of the writer and thinker Leonardo da Vinci which was first purchased by Thomas Coke in the year of 1717 who was appointed as the Earl of Leicester in1980s. Again later in the year of 1994, this notebook was taken over by Bill Gates at a journal auction for price value of $30,800,000, thus making it one of the most expensive book in the world purchased till date. Gates also had this book scanned and used as the screensaver of the Windows 95 of Microsoft Plus!
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Sunday, September 15, 2013

World's Most Expensive Chocolate

Le Chocolate Box
Price: $1.5 million
Chocolates came into existence since the ancient Maya and Aztec cultures started mixing ground cacao seeds with various seasonings to make a spicy drink. Chocolates are one of the most liked treats that almost everyone can enjoy. People buy tons of chocolates each year, whether it is a delicacy for themselves or a gift for any occasion. Gourmet chocolates are available in as much shapes, sizes and flavors as one can imagine. Chocolates seem to eternally entertain the palate immaterial of the age. Chocolatiers around the world use top secret recipes to come up with the most generous blend.
World's Most Expensive Chocolate Box: Le Chocolat Box
World's Most Expensive Chocolate Box
Generally women are overwhelmed with two types of gifts, one is jewelry and other is chocolate. But, if the chocolate box costs 1.5 million, the later is a better choice. Yes, a chocolate box that has been designed by well known Simons Jewelers has two together to make the ultimate gift with their Le Chocolate collection. The chocolate box has an assorted chocolate from Lake Forest Confections decorated with an arrangement of hi-end jewelry. The collection of jewelry includes necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets decked with yellow and blue diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires.
When you see Le Chocolat Box, you won’t be able to keep your senses intact. The box is designed so beautifully with the chocolates and jewelry that you will immediately fall in love with the whole concept.
Look wise this box is priceless but as the famous saying goes nothing is free in this world so to acquire this piece of art you have to pay $1.5 Million.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Most Expensive Software in the world

 CryENgINE 3, world's most expensive software
Cost: $ 1,200,000.
CryENGINE is software developed by CryteK. Ame This software is the latest one available for game development. Initially it was developed for demonstration of technology but later it turned into game developing software. After the first two editions, the third one was released in 2009. The Engine works on Microsoft Windows, Xbox and Play station 3. After its release a lot of improvements were made to the software making it worth the money. In 2010 a new demo of the version was shown. Again in 2011, using the improvements and innovations in the software, it was used for training in Navy by making virtual dock of the ship. For non-commercial game developer, a free version is also available. CryENgINE 3 is the most expensive software ever made.